What We Do

in quantitative social sciences to mentoring opportunities, partnership opportunities, and jobs.

related to recruitment, retention, and recognition of women in the sciences and quantitative fields.

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  1. Identify strategies and leverage points for helping women in quantitative methods achieve their career goals.

  2. Develop a network of collaborating women.

  3. Raise awareness around issues facing women in quantitative careers.

Who We Are

The Women in Quantitative Methods group is comprised of women of all career stages that develop, study, and implement advanced quantitative methods. The membership includes researchers at universities, research firms and government, as well as graduate students and post-docs. The group first met in 2014 and was formed to support the advancement of women in careers in quantitative methods through mentorship, networking events, and workshops.

What Fields Do We Support?

The Women in Quantitative Methods group supports in the fields of education, social welfare,social and behavioral science, and public policy, with a particular focus on evaluation methods. These include advances in statistical modeling, measurement methods, and evaluation, with a particular focus on causal inference. 


Diversity & Inclusion Statement

The Women in Quantitative Methods group seeks to include and support all people who identify as women, regardless of race, language, country, sex, or sexual orientation.


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Need advice?

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Founding Members

Loyola University Chicago
American Institutes for Research
University of Virginia
Columbia University
American Institutes for Research

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