Welcome to Women in Quantitative Methods

Have you ever been seen as less competent in quantitative methods because of your gender? Do you earn less as a female methodologist than your male counterparts? Have you been passed up for promotions or growth opportunities because of child-birthing or childrearing?

This group is intended to equip women quantitative methodologists with the tools to recognize these types of discrimination or biases and contest them.

We believe that one effective way of contesting discrimination and implicit bias is to forge a community and name our experiences. Understanding which types of career obstacles are happening in the aggregate, to us as women, is an important first step to drawing conclusions about patterns of discrimination and strategizing about solutions.

At the same time, we recognize that some experiences may not occur in the aggregate. Our identities are complex and intersectional. We are not just women but people who belong to racial and ethnic groups, religions, nationalities, institutions, and sexual orientations. As such, we need to make space for a diversity of experiences within the group and be conscious of how power dynamics shape our discourses.

In the short term, in order to forge this community, we plan on meeting annually at SREE and hosting a searchable directory on our website that members can use to find one another. Though this group has originated at SREE, we invite its members to connect with one another and meet at their own institution, in their own city, or at another academic conference.  Our long term vision and action will be emerge as we learn and grow together.

Are you interested in joining us? We welcome you to fill out the form on the “join us” tab of our website. Providing us with your contact information will allow us to keep you abreast of upcoming events and will also, with your permission, allow others to search for members at their institution, in their city, or within their academic subfield.