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Weiss Emily Philadelphia PA University/College University of Pennsylvania Descriptive or Predictive Methods Education and Life Cycle Transitions (e.g. policies and practices to support student transitions from early childhood through post-secondary settings), Social and Emotional Learning in Educational Settings, Equity in Education (e.g. as it relates to Gender; Race; Poverty; Sexual Orientation; Immigration Status; Religion) Early Childhood Education, Longitudinal Analysis, School-Readiness, Preschool Transition Anova or Regression (OLS; Logistic; Multinomial; Ordinal; Poisson; etc.), Structural Equation Modeling, Multi-Level or Hierarchical Linear Modeling, Measurement Models Simulations, Regression Discontinuity Design, Comparative Interrupted Time Series
White Casey Seattle WA Philanthropy Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Widyaningtyas Tika Katadata
Wigger Cora Northwestern University
Wind Stefanie Tuscaloosa Alabama University/College University of Alabama Descriptive or Predictive Methods Research Methods (new methods or extensions of existing methods), psychometrics, item response theory, rating scale analysis, performance assessment, rater effects, measurement educational measurement; psychometrics; item response theory; rater effects; performance assessment Simulations, Measurement Models, item response theory, rasch models, mokken scaling
Winkler Christa Columbus OH University/College The Ohio State University
Wolf Rebecca Johns Hopkins University
Wong Vivian University of Virginia
Wu Athena New York NY Research firm Drexel Hamilton Descriptive or Predictive Methods Research to Practice quantitative equity research Simulations Multi-Level or Hierarchical Linear Modeling
Wu Jasmine University of British Columbia