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Deutschlander Denise University of Virginia
DiCrecchio Nicole New Brunswick New Jersey University/College Rutgers University
Doolin Paredes Carla Florida State University
Dragić Ozrenka Milan Lombardy University/College Politecnico di Milano
Eggins Elizabeth Brisbane Queensland University/College University of Queensland/Griffith University Systematic Reviews, Quantitative Impact Evaluations
Fisher Camille Claremont Graduate University
Flath Natalie University of Maryland School of Social Work
Fumia Danielle Olympia Washington State governmental agency Washington State Institute for Public Policy Quasi-Experimental Methods (e.g. Regression Discontinuity; Comparative Interrupted Time Series; Instrumental Variables; Propensity Score Matching) Education and Life Cycle Transitions (e.g. policies and practices to support student transitions from early childhood through post-secondary settings), Effects of Educational Policies, Equity in Education (e.g. as it relates to Gender; Race; Poverty; Sexual Orientation; Immigration Status; Religion) Anova or Regression (OLS; Logistic; Multinomial; Ordinal; Poisson; etc.), Regression Discontinuity Design, Propensity Score Matching, Two-stage least squares (IV), Difference-in-Difference Structural Equation Modeling, Multi-Level or Hierarchical Linear Modeling, Simulations, Measurement Models, Comparative Interrupted Time Series
Galib Linda Urban Initiatives
Gearhart Sarah Philadelphia PA Local governmental agency School District of Philadelphia