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The goal of the Women in Quantitative Methods (WQM) group is to provide women with support in all aspects of their careers. While over 75 women showed up at our most recent meeting, the academic community in which we work is small. A concern, from the beginning, was how open women would be to sharing their experiences and concerns with others. For example, would a woman feel comfortable sharing with the group a difficult situation that involved scholars other knew?

From this concern, the idea of an advice column was born. The setup for this column is simple. Readers can ask for advice (anonymously if so desired) by clicking here. Advice requests might range from questions broadly about resources for negotiating a first job, to advice about how to deal with a particular experience with discrimination or harassment, or general concerns with work-life balance. We welcome questions from women of all career stages, and questions big and small.

Once submitted, the organizing committee will solicit advice from two to four women and men with relevant experience and the advice will be aggregated into a blog post. In our experience, most advice-worthy situations are complex, and our goal will be to provide several perspectives and experiences. Over time, our hope is to provide an ongoing library of advice that encourages and supports women in our field.

As we begin this journey, readers interested in advice may want to visit other advice columns and blogs around the web. A few places to start (some more active than others) are listed below. If you know of other resources, please share here:

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